Here's how it works

1. Select your preferences.

Choose your box size and mix options.

2. We create your MixCups box.

Each month, we handpick a new mix of single-cup coffees, including new roasts and seasonal favorites.

3. Enjoy your monthly box o' joe!

Experience new aromas and savor new flavors. Sit back, relax and enjoy the variety!

How gifts work

PLEASE READ - The gifting process has changed.

Be sure to enter your gift recipient's shipping address on the checkout page if that is where you would like us to send their box. Do not enter your address if you don't want the box sent to your home.

Gift recipeints are no longer sent an email asking them to create an account and claim their gift.

We will send your gift receipient an email with your personalized message on the day their first box is shipped, letting them know it is on the way.

Boxes are shipped around the 24th of each month. If you would like us to ship the first box on a particular date, send us an email and we will make it happen!

Gift subscriptions by default DO NOT automatically renew. However, you now have the option to have it renew when it expires (new).

A little tidbit about your MixCups box...

MixCups boxes are available in three sizes: Mini Mix, Medium Mix, and Mega Mix.
- The Mini Mix contains 15 cups per box. It's perfect for the occasional coffee drinker.
- The Medium Mix contains 45 cups per box. It is designed for the daily coffee drinker.
- The Mega Mix contains 90 single cups of coffee and it for the serious coffee drinker or for someone looking to share their mix!

You also get to choose from 3 mix options: The Standard Mix, the Non Flavor Mix, or the Ultimate Mix.
- The Standard Mix contains 10 unique varieties of mostly flavored coffee.
-  The Non Flavor Mix contains 10 unique varieties of non flavored coffees only.
- The Ultimate Mix contains 15 unique varieties of flavored and non flavored coffee. Our best mix!

Helping people ditch boring coffee is what we do best

If you're a coffee drinker, then you know your day doesn't truly start until you can wrap your hands around that first steaming cup of liquid goodness. For many folks though, that daily ritual has turned into something dull and lifeless. We believe your morning cup o' joe should always be exciting. We're here to mix up your daily grind!