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Limited Edition Tea Mix


Product Description

*** Ships December 2nd *** The perfect mix for the Tea lover...28 different varieties of single serve tea. The varieties included are; Prospect Tea Chamomile Chill, Prospect Tea Brooklyn Breakfast, Prospect Tea Vanilla Chai, Prospect Tea Golden Dragon, Prospect Tea Himalayan Spring (Peach Oolong), Prospect Tea Graffiti Burst (Pomegranate White), Prospect Tea Lemon Taxi, Prospect Tea Duke Of Earl Grey, Prospect Tea Green Power, Higgins&Burke Chai Glow, Higgins&Burke Bountiful Green, Higgins&Burke Chamomint Moon, Higgins&Burke Orange Pekoe, Organa Chai, Organa English Breakfast, Organa Panfired Green, Organa Lemon Chamomile, Organa Early Grey, Timothy's Chai, Timothy's Cranberry Green, Timothy's Earl Grey, Bigelow English Breakfast, Bigelow Earl Grey, Bigelow Green Tea, Tetley Green Tea, Tetley Orange Pekoe, Tetley Peppermint, Red Rose Orange Pekoe.

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